Your Merrimac Social Committee

Social Committee: The purpose of the Social Committee is to foster a cohesive community by organizing fun, interesting events for the entire community so neighbors can meet and socialize with each other.
Upcoming Community Events
Each year the Merrimac Social Committee plans events to fill the year with Awesome Merrimac Memories! These events can be annual, like the Pool Opening Party, or new like the White Elephant Bingo. What's planed for the future? Click the image to view whats planed and to register for upcoming events.
We can't do this without you!
There is always a need for you. From running stations and setting up at events, to shopping and organization. Volunteer to be a part of making Awesome Merrimac Memories. Click image to sign up.
Sponsors Help Us Do More!
What is the one thing that can make or break a great event? Sponsors! From donating tents, tables, drinks, and prizes to volunteering and financial support, we couldn't do half of what we do. If you or if you have connections to business's that may be willing to sponsor, click the image to send us an email so we can talk.
Event Photo Albums
Do you remember every exciting moment from every Social Committee event? Neither do we, but we have pictures to remind us. Click the image to be taken to our Merrimac Social Committee Event Photos.